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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  July 29, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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is. >> good evening everyone. i'm carry lip johnson. stand off over the debt limit expected to intensify. took only minutes this evening for the senate to kill the latest effort by house
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republicans to put together a borrowing cap. legislative and verbal ping pong began the minute the house bill passed. >> 218-210. bill is passed. >> this house has acted. republicans took a bad bill and made it worse. how bizarre can anyone be. >> power to solve this is in our hand. >> motion to table is agreed t to. >> now what? senate majority leader reid will push his own plan tomorrow and pushing for a vote 10:00 p.m. our time. no chance of passing the house. after that the real negotiations begin. as mark matthews explains, the bay area congressional contingent not happy with the day events. >> on the floor of the house speaker of the house john boehner made an im passion plea to his colleague. >> it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle put something on the table tell us where you are.
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>>reporter: the speaker plan raises debt limit by 900 bill i don't know and cuts government spending by 9 17 billion and it does not raise taxes on anyone. house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> what is on the floor today balance budget in what way. in whose favor. it looks like a see saw to me. >> pelosi protect tax cut for the rich but the call for a balance budget in the boehner plan is the measure that will doom it says senator boxer. >> mark the first balance budget amendment for the constitution was introduced in the 30's. never passed both houses. it's consal. you can't respond to war or disaster and recession. >> what we are going through right now. this bill guarantees that in a few months
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we would have to go through the same house. >> it would require another vote early next year in addition to the conditions stutional amendment so all eye turn to the senate. majority leader reid promised his own 2 trillion dollar plan ready for vote saturday night. bruce cane. >> even if the senate did come up with something that they can get some republican support clear to me the house vote on this thing. look what they did already. they said this is what we want. our way or the highway. so i feel very pessimistic about the prospect of consensus. >>reporter: would be wins more speaker boehner. >> yes people can be critical of what we have done. but where are the other ideas? >>reporter: reid is working on his plan and hopes to have it ready for a vote tomorrow night. the house plans to take up the reid proposal tomorrow afternoon. in order to vote it down. this is 7 news. >> if an agreement isn't
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reached experts say the economy is at risk of slipping into another recession. default would push up from mortgages to auto loan to credit card and also stop unemployment checks and that is just the beginning of the bad news. capitol correspondent annette explains tonight from sacramento. >>reporter: state employment development department is racing to put together unemployment check and notifying that they may not come if the debt balance is not solved by tuesday. 20 million dollar in benefit would abrup abruptly stop because the program have been running on federal loans since january 2,000 9. >> we don't have a reserve in unemployment insurance trust fund about 8.5 billion dollars in the hole right now so we don't have that kind of backing to be able to pay the payments right now. >>reporter: robert could be hit with a double whamy. he has social security because of
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his age and unemployment after losing part-time job. if possible he couldn't get either as the feds will have to prioritize what gets paid. >> mate end up in the soup line like they did in the depression days. i don't know. i just know it is going to be bad. >>reporter: besides unemployment check public school are worried they won't be able to provide the federa federally if you saided free lunch any more. sometimes it's the only hot meal low income kids get. and the 18 cent a gallon in federal gas tax that goes to highway and other transportation projects would be put on hold in california he jeopardizing thousands of jobs. scenario is familiar. >> we have been through some scary times in california as you know in 2009. we were very much on the edge with 42 billion dollar deficit. we got it done. they have got to get it done in washington dc. >>reporter: with the clock ticking and so many lives are on the line. >> politicians aren't even thinking about that or don't care. they are putting they
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are saying they care about the public but they don't. >>reporter: state treasurer took out a 5 billion dollar loan for california early this week in anticipation of problems in washington, d.c. but edd says it doesn't think it can tap into that because the state has its own bills to pay. >>reporter: one time note on the debt chris's. being felt on wall street as well. dow and s&p 500 have the biggest weekly losses in a year and investors this week pulled 37 billion dollars out of money market mutual funds. that's more than 8 week this year. >> oakland police release new details today in the search for the gunman who shot and killed a good samaritan. shooter vehicle is described as turquoise ford wind star minivan similar to this photo o. 29-year-old paris powell known on the streets as brother john was shot in the head. earlier this week while out feeding the homeless. his wife and young stepdaughter were
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also wounded. crime stopper is offering a 25,000 dollar reward in the case. if you have any information you are asked to contact the oakland police. about solemn tribute slain marin county sheriff's deputy. hundreds turn out to honor 9 year vet van jim mathison today kill last weak trying to help the daughter of a friend. he was unarmed and off duty when the girl ex boyfriend shot and killed him. friends family an colleagues filled the memorial in san rafael today. we were there. >> it has for more than a century marin county last mourned a murdered sheriff's deputy for this reason and others about this department remembered deputy jim mathison today. outpouring of emotion. >> we feel broken. pl i can't
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describe it. he's a wonderful human being that embodied the spirit of law enforcements and being a humanitarian. >>reporter: friends say mathison always wanted to help led to his death. he had again to help a family friend whose daughter was dating 28-year-old a parolee who shot mathison dead in front of the house. then the girl brothers shot hall ran in the head killing him. mathison not on duty at the time but the department hopes that status may change at least in terms of family benefits. >> there are those in charge of making decision in this regard that are reviewing the circumstances. i don't know how they are going to decide in this particular matter. >>reporter: at today memorial friends family paint a verbal portrait of fun loving man who came late to the department at age 40 but left a lasting mark. mathison worked in the jail and the court mostly. kind of gay who made even prisoners smile apparently. >> every organization needs a
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bunch of gems. because they are mature. life experience. >>reporter: jim mathison worked in construction long before joining the department. friends need add deck or patio or load dump he came through for them. he never said you owe me one. he loved to take friends on the lake in his boa boat. >> one of jim favorite way to spend the lake was on lake with family and friends towing skier after skier. at the end of the day with bush cue and cocktail. or 2. or 3. him if. >>reporter: marin county deputy sheriff mathison was 49 years old. leaves behind a wave and 2 sons. in marin county, abc 7 news. >> guns galore in a san francisco neighborhood. tonight at 9:00 turns out the shooting death of muni fair evader was the tip of the ice berg. >> at&t tells phone hog time to slow down. >> sacramento home becomes a
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shelter and thousands of bees getting rid of them made the problem worse. >> l look for a repeat of today's weather this weekend. but there's a twist.i'll be back to explain in a few but there's a twist.i'll be back to explain in a few minutes. >> kiss that sealed the end of world war ii makes the rounds in the bay area. 7 news at 9:00 will be back in two in the bay area. 7 news at 9:00 will be back in two minutes 
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>> top cop trying to get illegal guns off the street. activist in the bay view district say the problem is there is epidemic. same neighborhood that recover the guns fired in controversial shooting early this month. story tonight from abc 7 vick lee. >> police say this is kenneth harding missing gun. the one they recovered. investigators say someone stole this from the
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crime scene two weeks ago. if it wasn't found, the gun would have ended up as one of many circulating in the bay area. >> last 64 days we have confiscated 26 firearms. 25 of those with arrest. and 20 of them here. >>reporter: there's some of the guns police recently seize seized. >> most individuals are on probation or parole or have lengthy criminal records. >>reporter: police feigned guns all over the city. but roughly 30 percent of those seized come from the bay view. why? >> we have had a lot of gang activity over the years. that's a major reason. narcotics dealing that occurs in this district. guns and narcotics go hand in hand. >> for4 or 500 dollars. >>reporter: shawn richards heads brothers against guns. he says firearms are an epidemic here. >> now you get young men at the able of 13 and 14 are getting
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hold of guns. young men between the ages of 13 and 14 are doing the homicide and doing the shootings. >>reporter: this video shows a gang member taking an assault gun from its secret hiding place. they cull this a community gun. firearm shared by members of the gang. police say they seize many community guns. >> they use the weapon in the commission of a crime and put it back in the secret location. >>reporter: city is offering rewards to get guns off the street. chief greg says no questions asked. >> whereabouts of any guns we are happy to at that time gun off you if it doesn't come with an arrest that is fine too. >>reporter: police giving 1,000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of someone with a gun. and assault weapon even without app arrest. this is 7 news. highway patrol plans to crack down on speeders along the upper deck of the bay bridge after automated detector
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drivers are traveling 10 miles an hour faster than a year ago. the speed limit approaching the curve before the island is 40 miles an hour. but cal-trans and chp say they will determine in the next few week if his drivers are getting the message and whether extra patrol need to stay on the bridge to keep traffic moving at the proper speed. >> swarm of bees istor mening a sacramento neighborhood. problem started this morning when a bee keeper trying to remove about half dozen bee hives from a vacant home in fair oaks. work though enraged the bees and they swarm the neighborhood. here's george warren. >>reporter: neighbors down the street could watch the swarm of bee from his a safe distance. yours truly could watch from a safety of a car with the window rolled up. >> really is a safety issue for our neighborhood. >>reporter: the couple with 3 children directly across the street training to the leave on vacation. well they felt like hostage to the honey bee. >> they are angry. i understand.
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>>reporter: she says she is glad something is finally being done about the neighborhood nuisance but the timing could not have been worse. >> get natural truck by going out the gate and going to our truck and within that couple minutes of going from the back yard to the truck in our driveway my husband was stung 10 to 15 times and 2 of my sons were stung three times. they attacked and followed us back into our house. came back in the house and killed 7 bee inside our house. they followed us back in so we are currently literally trapped inside our house. >>reporter: then somebody suggested the family build a smokey fire in a bucket outside the front door. christopher carried the luggage out to the pickup truck waiting on the driveway. couple bundled 3 young children in protective clothing. one by one took them to safety. then one last thin thing. douse the fire of course. the vacation had been
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saved. >> whether a mess. that was george warren reporting. >> all right. prepare yourself for a glorious weekend out there. sandy is here to list the forego for us? a something for everyone carolyn. fog at the coast. remaining mild and sunshine and warm weather inland. you can pick and choose whatever weather you want. just traficant. all you do here in the bay area. make row climate we talk b.get you outside and show you a live picture right now from our high definition roof cam are. lovely view of san francisco. you see the transamerica pyramid in the financial district and we do have gray skies there. as a matter of fact the fog has made it all the way into santa rosa tonight. marine layer deepening. it's 1800 feet deep tonight. so tomorrow morning a lot of you will wake up to gray skies. much like this morning and this afternoon it remained gray all day long. we had extensive clouds along the coast line but inland area did
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enjoy the sun with temperatures warming up that the 90's. the sun is what destabilize the atmosphere in the sierra nevada as you look at the hd things shifted off to the nevada area and really quieted down here at least in california. but we had numerous thunderstorms developing from mammouth to south of lake tahoe. over 1700 lightning strike were reported. there was some hail and some rain accompanying that south lake tahoe saw isolated shower an hour or 2 ago. as we make plans for the weekend, about you are going to be seeing more of the thovrments temperatures rate now in the 50's for the north bay. also for san francisco. most of the rest of the bay area in the 60's apartment i don't care 71 rate now. coastal fog local inland mild to warm for the weekend. high clouds are heading in this weekend so the difference that you are going to see this weekend will be l sub tropical moisture moving our way. that's what setoff the thunderstorms in the sierra nevada and that continues to
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stream in. so really this has been the cut off today. sierra nevada seeing the thunderstorms developing and once again tomorrow afternoon and sunday afternoon we see the sierra storms firing off this weekend so keep this in mind from tahoe to yosemite to las vegas we see this happen again. but some of the moisture is actually going to work its way west ward by sunday morning. there is a slight possibility that we will see some showers and thunderstorms around southern monterey county. very isolated in nature but it is clear here that we will get some moisture and hear in the bay area it's going to be in the form of tl clouds. look for the fog and low cloud. wide spread. numbers mainly in the 50's. tomorrow afternoon you are lacking at high at 80 degrees in san jose and cupertino. 78 for sunnyvale. 85 in los gato gatos. on the peninsula temperatures in the upper 70's for redwood city. menlo park. mount view and nice day along the coast if you like the fog it is 64 in half man bay with a
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few peeks of sun. downtown san francisco slightly cooler than normal. 66 degrees and in the north bay mid 70's for santa rosa, san rafael, head out to the east bay. you see 70 in oakland. 76 by afternoon in castro valley. inland areas warm 90 in antioch. 87 for concord. livermore. around the monterey bay. 72 degrees in santa cruz. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. mid 60's to low 90's tomorrow. similar range for sunday. few extra clouds most days. filtering the suchbility then slate drop off in temperatures early next week. dropping a little bit below normal for this time of year. but really no major changes are coming. just minor up and down the next 7 days. >> sounds good. thanks. >> imagine every driver in the country averaging 54 miles to the gallon. coming up. plan to raise the bar on fuel efficiency that will save you thousands in gas. that's ahea ahead. >> also intellectual property arm race in the tech heats up.
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a program that brings summertime fun to inner city a program that brings summertime fun to inner city school kids and the a's.
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a. >> may not be much agreement in washington over the debt but there ace deal to double the number of miles you get when you fill up the tank. biggest increase in fuel economy standards since the 1970's. scott goldberg reports. >>reporter: in a moment that seemed impossible to stage just a few years ago, president obama and executive from 12 auto manufacturers announce they have made a deal to raise fuel efficiency standards dramatically. >> this agreement on fuel standards represents the single most important step we have ever taken as a nation to
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reduce our dependence on foreign oil. >>reporter: car makers agreed by 2025 they will produce cars and trucks that afternoon 54 and a half miles to the gallon. that's twice as efficient as vehicle on the road today which average 27 miles to the gallon if everything goes as planned the president says drivers only should have to fill the tank every two week instead of every week saving the typical family 8,000 dollars over the life of a car. it's the kind of change auto makers resisted for years arguing technology that allows better fuel economy and cuts green house gas emission too expense i have to produce but after the government bailed out general motors and chrysler the industry had a harder time saying no. >> kind of welcome surprise to see a lot of folks happy with this on all 3 level. government. car manufacturer rally behind this and environmental grawps quite happy as well. >>reporter: valuable lesson president obama said for leaders arguing about the debt ceiling in washington top. >> folks are competitors. labor and business. they
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decided we are going to work together to achieve something important and lasting for the country. >>reporter: at least in one sector of the economy, everyone seems to be on the same road. this is abc news new york. >> lots of tech news today. according to the "wall street journal"the justice department is taking a much closer look into whether apple make soft and research in motion could use the recently acquired trophy of patent to cripple smart phones using google android software. last month tech jaint paid 4.5 million dollars for 6000 patent option by canadian telecom company something that google tried to buy itself. google purchased more than 1,000 technology patent from ibm. experts say going ellis trying to protect the intellectual property especially potential legal challenges to the android operating system that run smart phones, tablet and other hand held did he vases. >> as for apple it has been just 4 years since launched the i-phone but now it is fum 1 maker of smart phones on the
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planet. second quarter apple sold more smart phones than both nokia and samsung. >> starting october 1st at&t says it will start limiting speed for the 5 percent of the customers with unlimited data smart phone plans who clog the air waves the most. >> from data speed to speeding around the bases the oakland a join forces with police and community organization to change summertime for kids in west oakland. here's education reporter lee ann. >>reporter: playing which have el ball on warm summer day was not imaginable for most of these west oakland kid. not listening ago this area was jaws parking lot. the oakland a's helped to make this dream possible. >> ceremonial first pitch. >>reporter: newcomer second baseman weeks threw the first pitch. >> somebody look me somebody they conspire look up to. see
9:27 pm
guys like me in the streets all the time where they are from and see there's a positive influence. >>reporter: some of the kid were star struck. p.m. >> got a lot of potential witness. >>reporter: part of the 43 summer camp called together we can. it's put on by the oakland school police department. there are days when up to 90 kids from this neighborhood show up. oakland yawn fight is the only school district in the bay area to have its own police force. separate from the city. it was achieve who sdaided to create a place where police officers and kids could bond. >> that was one of the goals is obviously to create a safe environment where kids can feel comfortable and safe. but it was really twofold. how do we build positive relationships between young people and the police. >>reporter: without this camp there would be nowhere for these kids to the play in a supervised and safe environmen environment. >> i would just be sad in my house. >>reporter: the team president says oakland is in need of more centers like this one. >> there's a need for people to
9:28 pm
invest. not only you know with money but with time. >>reporter: the camp is so successful police say kids will be able to continue using the facilities in the afternoon after school. in oakland, lee ann, abc 7 news. when we continues tonight. california investigation into who is behind the marijuana farm on public property and massive effort to eradicate them. >> home video captures f-16 fighter jet over shooting a runway. what happened to the pilot, what witnesses are saying about the mishap. >> plus moving a mural. strard piece of contemperary art in need of new home. >> and saudi klaishing rules in favor of child marriage with one condition. another half favor of child marriage with one condition. another half hour of news
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dan ashley has the story. >> for years local and federal authorities have been trying to put a stop to illegal marijuana coming out of california. last year they seized 7 million plants much of it grown on public lands. it is even found in national parks including yosemite. in mendocino county officers have been training for a joint local state and federal eradication operation. it is the largely east series of raid of conduct entered this part of
9:32 pm
northern california. last week the raid started spearheaded by sheriff tom. >> we are at a fork in the row. if we don't make an aggressive push rate now to take back some of our public lands, then we may get to the point of no return. >>reporter: that battle to take back the land is increasingly turning violent this was found in a garden. >>reporter: last year drug agent killed 2 armed mexican men at remote pot farms in mendocino county. >> i have had people come to me and say my family has hunt entered the national forest for 5 generations. and we don't go there any more because every time we good there we hear shots being fired around where people have literally walked into our hunting camp and said get out of here. >>reporter: it isn't just hunters and hikeers who are afraid. now it is getting more dangerous this man spent years growing marijuana illegally in california forest. especially because you begin to see what is happening. he's a fwroer
9:33 pm
from mexico increase in violence drove him out of the business. they are killing and robbing what is going on inside those illegal operations? ron brook who leads a federally funded drug task force in northern california says there is a connection between the illegal growing on public lands and drug gang based in mexico. >> not just the grow. has to be a net work. that means stash house and communication and people that rent the cell phone. people that drive the truck. people that sell the marijuana. well sale retail level. people that get the money. transfer back to mexico which is where the control is for many of the organizations. you gawk a very big organization. >>reporter: this man talked exclusively with the center for investigative reporting and kqed. arrested now cooperate with law enforcement. told us how the grow sites work. >> it is my responsibility to buy fertilizer. food. go to the people in the mountain. >>reporter: he's a man they call a lunch man. he works as
9:34 pm
kind of foreman who manages the site. frequently they run several sites at the same time. >> i have known other people who have had one lunch for 8 or 10 pot grow but other people have 25 or 30 pot grow. >>reporter: he says he works for a.b.'s who provides the money to fund the grow operation. those bosses run the businesses like independent franchises. but they aren't big enough to distribute the drugs all by themselves. so they rely on the cartel. >> all mexican cartel have people here. family. cartel from juarez, they all have people in the united states. >>reporter: cartel distribute california marijuana and other drugs all over the united states. cartel know what to do with the drug. they carry it to another state or city and distribute it. that's what they do. >>reporter: authorities say they captain directly tie the cartel to marijuana production here but former dea special agent bill yosemite says the connections seem obvious. >> california is now producing
9:35 pm
as much or more marijuana than mexico should tell everybody all they need to necessity. 7 million plant that's what we got last year in california. those things just don't happen by happen stance. foreign national in yosemite national park growing mayor juan doesn't happen by if happen staps. >>reporter: former marijuana grower worries about what could happen to california, too. >> sometimes people talk and say it will end up like mexico and scares people. scares me that it will be like mexico. >>reporter: abc 7 news. >> l evidence of continues to mount showing how big the pot crop has become in the state. full court press raid on public land will continue into next week. >> scary moment in wisconsin as an f-16 fighter jet slid off the runway during an air show. people in oshkosh watch the jet tearing through the sky. home video caught the moment one of
9:36 pm
them ran out of runway. here's chris fshltion the reporter. >> on this home video you can see the alabama air guard f-16 jet set down on the runway. but suddenly that runway ends. jet slide into the grass and eventually come to a stop nose down. witnesses say it looked like trouble from the moment it touched down. >> i just saw the one previous taxi through going pretty slow and he came past so fast i thought oh, no. this is not going to be good. >>reporter: pilot managed to escape the jet right away on his own power. >> pilot got out walking around the air plane. fine. taken for observation as is usual procedure in these things. >>reporter: what caused the jet to crash is still unclear. >> i heard somebody else say they didn't see any evidence of any brake smoke so it almost seemed like maybe he had a brake failure or something. >> that was chris reporting. >> the pilot of air france jet that went down in the atlantic 2 years ago were in a situation
9:37 pm
they cannot understand. that's what investigators had concluded after analyzing recently recovered flight recorders. air france flight 447 crashed in the atlantic on route from rio to par is in june 2009. all 228 people aboard that plane died. investigators say pilot did not realize the plane was in a stawchlt didn't know how to play the plane when the cockpit automation was lost during the severe thunderstorm and they did not have correct information to know the plane angle would cause it to plummet into the sea. final report on the accident is expected some time next year. 18-year-old girl is the first victim to be laid to rest from norway massive terror attack. it was one week ago that anders killed 77 people in bombing shooting rampage. he's confessed to the attacks. >> one of saudi arabia most influential cleric is backing religious ruling that allows
9:38 pm
father to arrange marriage for their daughter quote even if they are in the cradle. but he drew the line when it came to sex. he says that husband can not have intercourse with their child spouses unless they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of men. the sheikh issued the recalling after the justice ministry said this month it would act to regulate marriages between p.m. pre-pubescent girls and men in the islamic kingdom. >> difficult al gore a was a major 20th century artist best known for large mural. 4 here in the bay area and now there are plans to move one. as lee ann reports, it has been without a proper home since 1940. >>reporter: this is diego 0largest standing mural. cramped inside the thaet interat city college. never intended to leif here. in 1940 the plan was to build a library big enough to house the mural. then came world war ii.
9:39 pm
>> couldn't get create. couldn't get steel the so finally when city college did put autopsy library it was multi-use place. more need for class rooms so there wasn't anything large enough. this is 2 feet high by 74 feat long. so it does take up a little bit of wall space. >>reporter: that is nearly as long as a tennis court. the president of city college and well known architect timothy convinced diego 0to come to san francisco in 1940 to participate in the golden gate international exposition on treasure island. it took him only 4 months to complete the painting known today as the pan american unity mural. >> what he was paid was 1,000 dollars a month for living expenses and 1,000 dollars travel but the mural itself is his gift to city college. >>reporter: the mural is a fusion between the great past contributions of latin america and later north america
9:40 pm
technological innovation. panorama of the city covers a significant portion of the mural. his ex-wife artist prominently shown even though he's behind her holding another woman's hand. despite the brief love affair she and diego 0later remarried at san francisco city hall. for more than 20 years this 10 panel mural was stored in crate until it was installed in the small theater. as a result very nobody has been able to get in here to study it or written anything about it. >>reporter: julia are working on relocates proposal. the organization called the diego 0mural project got the attention of the mexican government. few weeks ago a panel of experts arrived to examine in the mural and see how it could be transferred. >> mural itself has to be very well protected so that during
9:41 pm
the movement it doesn't get damaged. that is what the mexican experts are experts on. >>reporter: each panel securely fastened to steal frames. here's what the back of the mural looks like. while talk are under way to move the mural, the place that would house it has yet to be built. this is proposed site behind m me. parking lot here at city college. this is what the building would look like. >> berg man and man reached out to philanthropist woman. she and her husband put together a committee called the friends of diego 0mural. >> we want to make sure that the money is coming from friends of diego that it will not interfere with money that has to do with other program or education. this is outside money that we weren't to provide the college to be able to give. >>reporter: they have to rely on deep pockets and donations from the public. there are 3 other mural in the bay area.
9:42 pm
one at san francisco city club. second at the art institute. and another at uc berkeley. many believe the mural at city college should have a home worthy of its stature. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. l total very different art form now. still ahead tonight. kiss is but a kiss. but this unforgettable one will last forever here in the bay area. stay with turn left. you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. hd video cam for lectures. game pad. have you ever considered this ? it's got all that and more than 200,000 apps.
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technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon. buy one droid 3 by motorola, the thinnest full qwerty smartphone ever for $199.99, and get another one free. stay with us. one of the image
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of end awful world war ii is the famous kiss in times squar square. cope of the giant sculpture of the kiss is in the bay area for national campaign of remembrance. don sanchez shows us the work of art. >> famous photograph in times square by "life"magazine is forever symbol of the celebration that ended world war ii. but look at the kiss as sculpture. this is a reproduction 6 feet tall of the 25 foot statue by johnson. >> he would keep you alive and do the same for him. they felt a bond with people like that. >>reporter: people who came back home and in a sense rebuilt the world. veteran gather at the uss hornet for the ceremony. and remembering those who didn't come back.
9:46 pm
>> that was the culmination of an ending of very long and very big war. >>reporter: one of the hornet she was a few miles from times square when the celebration happened. >> it was over. and people could start living again. and when person started singing the bugle. it's very important to me. >>reporter: idea of annual tribute to the unsung hero world war ii came from the nurse in the photo. when she was in the bay area in february 2010. she died but vision lives on with national spirit of 45 days. they are leaving here in youthville then to pier 45 in san francisco. eventually winding up in san jose on august 14 for the spirit of 45 day. san jose celebration will be in history
9:47 pm
park. this unveiling today has special significance. this would have been the 93rd birthday. in alameda, abc 7 news. >> just ahead tonight. cat no one wanted until now. up next. how the kitten turned that the cat [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business.
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>> weekend is here. let's go back now for one final look at the forecast with sandy. >> it's a beautiful weekend. inland areas warm-up into the upper 80's to low 90's that kahn see here. sunny. with occasional high clouds. temperatures in places like san rafael. santa rosa. 76 degrees. 70 in oakland. 80 degrees in san jose. if you are going to be anywhere near the coast some fog will still be around. temperatures in the mid 60's. traveling state wide you sigh some thunderstorms again from tahoe down to yosemite and even palm springs. it's cooking. 105 degrees. if you want to get away from the heat big sur77 tomorrow afternoon. accu-weather 7 day forecast fog on the coast sunshine inland and extra clouds for everyone. 60's to 90's the range for the weekend. just a little bit cooler to start off the work week. but pleasant weather ahead. >> sounds great. thank you. >> about happy ending for a kitten that nobody wanted.
9:51 pm
take a look. her nickname is cute cults but the black mark above the lip resemble hitler and she was known as kitler and the story was picked up and she was abandoned by the roadside and tlovt die but the staff in england brought her back to live with fad and treatment. they find new homes every year. they had a tough time finding one for little kitler until today. is that's kind of sill silly. she's adorable. you know. >> well it would be helpful if she stopped raising the paw like that. >> that's the move. >> somebody has to tell kitler that is reducing her chances of adoption. but she is ado recall. you are right. sport sports. beltran first hit as giant. game that goes taken innings. saved at one point by the arm of nate. you don't want to run on nate, do you?
9:52 pm
i don't think so. sports is want to run on nate, do you? i don't think so. sports is next.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
jeans. >> coming up at 11:00. latest open the debt chris's for you. impact on you. and where folks are now investing their money. all coming up on the news tonight at 11:00 in one hour. okay. right now larry beall is here with a look at sports for us. and so is in to be able to say first practice for the 49ers. >> they have gotten started but now reality sets in. new you
9:55 pm
look at the roster and you go oh. oh, my. >> missing link. >> missing pieces hear. frai frainers held the first practice. frank gore is holding out. on top of that you have crabtree who can't practice. left foot in a boot. injured it back in june in one of the lock out work out. crab tree might miss all of training camp. now the 49 ers did sign alec smith but the new deal says he can't practice until next week so rookie collin taking most of the snap or trying to take the snap. played out the shot gun at nevada so whole new deal for him. also you have spike. he's gone with the chargers. nate cut him david to the giants. so many changes. here's coach harbaugh first on gore. >> i worry about frank. i like frank. frank is a forty-niner and hope frank comes back. >> each year is change. unfortunately there's some guys
9:56 pm
i have had the pleasure of playing with that no longer with us any more and paparrazi just part of the game. if. >> now the 9ers were in pursuit of former raider the pro bowl corner back made a decision today signing with the eagles. came out of nowhere with a 5 year, 60 million dollar deal. 25 mill of that is guaranteed. cal product spent past 8 seasons in silver and black. on to baseball. giants open weekend series in cincinnati with all kinds of bay area connection. baker and willis and giants get done in by their own world series mvp edgar. d taken. alameda. row contrary with the red. beltran first hit as giant. line to left. former giant lewis comes up firing. striking at the plate. erin is safe. actually he was out. look at the replay.
9:57 pm
taking up high. dusty in the happy. giants up. tie in the eighth off relief are. double with two down. trying to scor score. if huffing and puffing and also safe. tied at 3. good to the tenth four. still tied. todd frazier shallow fly ball left off until an test the arm of nate. mistake. gunned down to end the inning. they good to the 13th. now the reds single off wilson. jay bruce. game over. drive home safely. reds win 4-3. a's and twins in oakland. a honoring mr. 500 contrary mail stone 500 home run. do you want home run i give you a home run. former giant farm hand if tie the game up at 2 apease. stays until the third. michael up the middle. back hand and flip. if trevor scores the go ahead run and the twins bust this
9:58 pm
thing wide open now 9-2. twins in the bottom of the 8. x games going on in los angeles. parade of gilroy chad won bronze medal last night but broke his leg in the process. competing in the bmx big air competition lost his balance and fell grave feet broke his femur your. had he surgery on the leg today. somehow he still managed he got the bronze in the thing. 2 time defending champion and early this week we talked to him. he was lacking forward to trying a 3 repeat. >> even working in the motor cross foam pit to test out 50 foot regular a ramp trip with trv is. i don't want to call myself out but i definitely have some new stuff to bring to you. >> travis was also hurt in aa crash. match up at stanford. former no. 1 serena against maria. all serena williams hammering return. once first
9:59 pm
set easily. saw the power. here it is again on the third. then the drop shot. maria can't do anything with. that serena cross ins straight set. that the semi. she has not lost to maria since 2004. finally u.s. men soccer team has new head coach. american hiring tl children's man today. former star player and coach for the german national tee. hiring comes day after the u.s. team fired bob bradley as coach. this was rumored to be taking place a year ago. apparently they couldn't come to terms with children's man at that point but decided to make a change. he's a terrific coach f.see if he can get usa fired up. >> even is exited to have him. >> they will be is that thanks larry. that does it for this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. for all of us here, thanks for joining us. love to see you at 11:00 over here, thanks for joining us. love to see you at 11:00 over on 7. good nature for now.


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